About Me

Personal Information

  • Name: Márk Uszov
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Address: 1173 Budapest XVII, Újlak utca
  • Phone: +36/20/484-4393
  • Email: mark@roico.net
  • Driving license: A, B, C category

Profesional Profile

As experienced DevOps Engineer I understands the melding of operations and development.
I have experience with the Cloud and Security processes, as well as DevOps development in Linux systems.

I always seek new paths in development. Serious challenges make me happy instead of working on gray average problems.
I always seek for additional background knowledge and I am ready to take efforts for absorbe any information or know-how any time.
First I try solve problems individually, but I am open for collaboration with others if its harder than  expected.
I like to work with experienced and young people.

I have a good communication and presentation skills to talk with customers.
Also I can manage projects and team for successful workmanship.

I am a bilingual person who can speak natively Hungarian and Russian language. I have learned English in B2 level.

Work Experince

Ericsson Hungary

February 2014

Ericsson Hungary

Cloud Engineer

OpenStack Cloud Engineer

I have started to work on Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment as Senior Software Developer (CCM level 6).
The management figured out fast that I have lots of skills what could be good to use.
I got lot of responsibilities what is not connected to my job description. Like following:

  • Design Software architecture and make suggestions about used technologies.
  • Teach the newcomers about the product architecture.
  • Make a workshop presentation for Regional Managers at their Conference events.
  • Project transfer and management from suppliers and from other Ericsson sites.
  • Functional Area Exprert Group driver for Service Resiliency and Security Area
  • Design and implement an internal development cloud.
  • Be a mentor for Phd consultant in cloud technologies.

Mainly I made lots of code change in Nova and Keystone part in Mirantis Openstack  with Puppet configuration management.

EOS Institute

September 2013
January 2014

EOS Institute

System engineer

System Engineer

At this company I created from old outdated infrastructure a new more satisfied system.
It is a child company of the worldwide known Docler Holding.

There I integrated the proxmox virtualization environment, vmware zimbra mailserver, pfsense firewall and zentyal as domain controller. All of them running in HA cluster for the best reliability.


August 2012
September 2013


Pre-Sales and Integration Engineer

Pre-Sales and Integration Engineer

As pre-sales and integration engineer my responsibility was contact with customers and partners during the sales process. Mainly I use my knowledge of English and Russian languages in conferences and conversations.

I helped them to use the Balabit’s products, answered their technical questions and made integration plan for the usecase. If it required I have travelled to customer to complete integration.

Products: Shell Controll Box, Syslog-NG, Syslog-NG Store Box


May 2011
October 2011


Network Technican

Network Technician

My responsibility was to maintain network equipments and to talk with customers about their support requirements.


All the Time

ROICO Net Ltd.

CEO / Founder

CEO / Founder

The best practice to became the best specialist is have ability to see various infrastructure of different companies.
That was the reason why I started to work as freelancher.

Few my works:

  • To Maintain linux servers and infrastructure for SMB companies
  • To Plan and configure network with 400 endpoints
  • I have created and designed lots of websites in PHP
  • IT Security audit and proposal for customer
  • Complete IT technical work for startup Telecommunication company. Based on Cisco equipments.
  • Webhosting and VPS service (since 2011) on self managed servers.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Computer Engineering, IT Security

Informatics, System Engineering Specialization

I have learned transformative solutions for building and maintaining secure data infrastructure, design intelligent utility networks, smart grids and mobile wireless networks.

  • System Modeling
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Cloud and virtualisation
  • Telecommunication Networks and Service
  • Software Technology






Install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium-size enterprise branch network. The topics include connecting to a WAN, implementing network security, network types, network media, routing and switching fundamentals, the TCP/IP and OSI models, IP addressing, WAN technologies, operating and configuring IOS devices, extending switched networks with VLANs, determining IP routes, managing IP traffic with access lists, establishing point-to-point connections, and establishing Frame Relay connections.

  • Describe the Operation of Data Networks
  • Implement a Small Switched Network Implement, Verify, and Troubleshoot NAT and ACLs in a Medium-size Enterprise Branch Office Network
  • Configure and Troubleshoot Basic Operation and Routing on Cisco Devices
  • Local Area Network (LAN)/Wide Area Network (WAN) Administration
  • Network Security Training with Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures
  • Implement and Manage Cisco Routers & Switches for Enterprises


  • Python
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Linux
  • Openstack
  • Nessus
  • Zabbix
  • Cisco IOS
  • Corosync
  • HAProxy
  • Git – Gerrit
  • Jenkins
  • Asterisk
  • FreeBSD
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PfSense
  • Zimbra
  • Zentyal
  • Proxmox – KVM
  • OpenLDAP
  • DRBD
  • CEPH
  • Windows Server
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